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Return on Investment

Customisation is central to everything that we do.

IREP India is a key business operation for the IREP group.

As a global business, we tailor every offering to the unique characteristics, challenges, and preferences of each client.

No two clients are the same, so neither are our solutions.

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What you need

Building & optimising property management

Improving your existing systems or building new efficient protocols.
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Finding the right real estate

Whether you are an investor or occupier, we can help you build the best property portfolio possible.
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Managing your assets & energy

We realise energy savings and asset value over the whole lifecycle.
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Commercial and residential lighting solutions

A one stop shop to brighten your business.
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Optimising your regional food security

Leading vertical farming technology that can transform your agriculture.
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Hard & soft technical services from IREP

Keep your business ticking with our expert hard & soft technical services.
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IREP in India

Offices throughout all of India to meet your local needs.

Trusted by leading international companies

Sector expertise includes

Real Estate
Public Sector

IREP in numbers

Facilities Management

Up to 25%
Reduction in business costs.

Energy & Asset Management

Average reduction in energy expenditure


200% to 300%
Improvement on regular yields

One of IREP’s unique selling points, is our exceptional technological development & capability.

We recognise that the future of facility & asset efficacy lies in data. Whoever can collect, cleanse, and use Big data in the best manner, will be the most productive.

IREPort BI data analysis tool


Throughout our service lines, we use a revolutionary business intelligence platform: IREPort. Being fully automated & IoT enabled, and utilising real time monitoring and reporting, it slashes the cost of operating and maintaining your real estate.


IREPfarm is a fully IoT enabled and AI driven vertical farming solution. It is also remotely operational, slashing labour costs by 80% and energy costs by 50%.

Through technology, we have put distance between us and the rest of the market. We aim to keep stretching it.

IREP’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability starts with each one of us. This is why, here at IREP, we are dedicated to helping our clients become more sustainable, whilst operating sustainably ourselves.

From the start, IREP has been designed according to a ‘green circular business model’: offering as much value as we can, whilst causing the least amount of social and environmental cost possible.

Each individual service line has sustainability built in, so no matter the type of work we are doing, we are striving to reduce impact on the world. Our data driven approach has drastically lowered client emissions time and time again, no matter their location or chosen service.

Furthermore, through IREPfarm, we are also building sustainable farming infrastructure in the GCC, drastically reducing energy & water needs in the agricultural sector.

At the end of the day, sustainability is long term efficiency. When it comes to this, our only planet, complacency is no longer an option.

This sustainability mission is shared by all parts of IREP group.

IREP at the Forefront of Sustainability




States across India

4+ mil. sq. ft

IFM portfolio managed


Hours of training annually




Energy savings through good housekeeping

12,809 MWH

Energy projects executed annually

Health and Safety

Our respect for Health and Safety is paramount to the success of IREP & to achieve such a high standard IREP operates a Health & Safety Management System that is certified by ISO 45001 standard (Health and Safety).

These processes & procedures are regarded as our minimum standard to allow flexibility & continuous improvement & growth.