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IREP is an international, multidisciplinary facilities & asset management company. Since the beginning, we have enjoyed considerable and sustained growth in all that we do. Much of this is due to IREP’s overarching strategy: diversifying by service line, client, and geography.

When considering our geographical diversification, India was a natural choice. With a facilities management market of over USD $150 billion (as of 2020) — and massive potential growth that could see the market value rise north of USD $400 billion by 2026 — India was an opportunity that could not be missed.

What’s more, the Indian FM market is a fragmented one, meaning that there is ample opportunity for a best-in-class operator to break into it. Adding this to the fact that many of the world’s major corporations are already present, such as KPMG & Deloitte, not only is there an opportunity but also a need.

Our expansion started in 2019, with Anthony Jude being the Senior Director for the region. Despite COVID-19 hitting full stride in 2020 & 2021, IREP has seen very strong growth & momentum, nonetheless. When the pandemic passes, and the Indian vaccination programme nears completion, we are well-situated to benefit from the forecasted resulting growth.

Furthermore, as a company that remains committed to sustainability, we aim to take a strong role in combatting pollution within Indian FM. India is simultaneously one of the largest polluters and suffers of climate change. We want to be at the forefront of this mission, to the benefit of all stakeholders across India.

We are looking to continue to build our presence & brand name in the market, forming connections with important stakeholders in the region. We aim to serve major corporations operating in the country, and to bring the highest international standards and latest international knowledge. Ultimately, we want to take the sector to the next level. 

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