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How IREP is Driving Diversity and Inclusion Forward

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Over the years, business leaders have debated achieving greater diversity and inclusion (D&I) within the workplace. Businesses often set targets but make little progress. Yet when it comes to success, the business case, and the societal one, it’s there to push for immediate priority and genuine positive action.

Covid and the pandemic pushed D&I to the side for many organisations struggling with a vast number of pressures. However, at International Real Estate Partners (IREP), we are proud that it has remained a clear focus and driver for our business and its long-term growth.

With such an international business of talent and clients, it is imperative that we develop potential, welcome different beliefs and ideas, and value everyone. We build a better culture as a team, creating better service for our valued clients.

How Diversity Helps Provide the Best Service to IREP’s Clients

We are immensely proud of the collaborative culture we have created across our global locations. It values difference, and we welcome the creativity, varying perspectives and openness that this brings to all we do.

Our team have reported a greater sense of belonging and engagement within the organisation, their roles, and the clients they serve.

Each team member contributes to the business’s success, bringing their unique perspective and skillset. So, we provide our clients with creative, holistic approaches that draw from all our team’s diverse experiences.

How has the Role of Inclusion & Diversity Evolved Within IREP Over the Past Few Years?

Despite the challenges of the past few years for businesses and individuals, we continue to strive to create a culture of belonging and value. We recognise the importance of such a culture in:

  • Attracting and retaining the best people
  • Furthering our position as an innovator in solutions
  • Creating an environment of positivity and well-being
  • Increasing our efficiencies and productivity
  • Continuing to advance our business performance for our clients

As we move forward, we have significant plans to develop this approach further. Our plans include pledges to improve gender diversity, widen recruitment opportunities for disabled candidates, and nurture the business’s talent.

What is IREP Doing to Promote Employee Well-Being?

Employee mental health and well-being is, without a doubt, a significant focus for us at IREP across all levels of the business. Therefore, we strive to support and empower our team accordingly.

Our market-leading team is exceptional. To further support our team, maintain a healthy working environment, and achieve the superb results we do for our clients, we encourage a positive health and well-being outlook.

Our management team is highly approachable to reduce stress and achieve greater well-being for our staff. This means that staff can address concerns and raise ideas with ease to foster better connections, build trust, and create healthier working relationships.

Our training programme ensures that staff can enhance their skillset and feel confident and empowered in carrying out their roles and where they sit in the organisation. We also believe in continual professional development to get the best out of our team.

What Steps has IREP Taken to Create A More Inclusive Workplace?

We promote a culture of psychological safety, ensuring that everyone feels that they can voice opinions and challenge ideas without fear. This contributes to greater innovation and creative thinking. It also helps individuals feel valued, respected and supported.

We also believe in continuous feedback opportunities. We’re working towards an employment survey for staff to help us identify areas of improvement and act swiftly and decisively.

Frequent town hall meetings and HR (Human Resource) grievance sessions are also part of our strategy to measure, track and address issues to create an inclusive workplace where people are heard and realise their voices matter.

D&I is an ongoing priority, and whilst we are proud of our results, we are committed to achieving even more meaningful outcomes as we move forward.

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