Case Study India, Bangalore


International telecommunications company

Country City:

India, Bangalore


To Operate the services of Real Estate of 28 sites. Some sites are 24×7 operations, Factory, Labs and Corporate Offices across 14


238,906 Sq. Meter or 25,70,627 Sq. Ft

Scope of Work:

PAN India Services which consists of, but not limited to- Technical
Operations, HK Operations, Transport Services, Front Offices,
Procurement related to Real Estate, Finance Services, AMCs,
Vendor Management, Admin Services etc.

Advantage to client:

•  Energy Saving across India.
•  Targeted Savings Achieved.
•  Implementation of CAFM system, Use of technology to enhance efficiencies.
•  Enhanced FM operations


•  Top management commitment, meeting matrix linked to KPI’s.
•  Fixed fee contract- 3+2 years
•  Energy Bureau
•  Asset Management through software (Concepts)
•  3% reduction in energy consumption