IREP Launches New Energy Calculator

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IREP Launches New Energy Calculator

In line with IREP’s commitment to sustainability and our goal to help clients navigate the path towards becoming more ‘’green’’, we have recently launched our Energy Calculator to help facility managers (FMs) better understand their buildings’ energy performance.

With the increased number of efforts that organisations make towards being more sustainable, it is essential to optimize energy efficiency and actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. Using IREP’s Energy Calculator can help you start the conversation about improving usage over the entire energy management lifecycle and our team can guide you through the process of realizing your real savings.

Our Energy Calculator is a unique region-specific energy audit tool – we’ve incorporated energy baseline values for each region as opposed to applying a global generic solution. Therefore, the output of the calculation has approximately 80-90% region-specific information, according to the building and energy performance baseline. The regions that the calculator covers include Europe, USA, India and the United Arab Emirates.

With that in mind, the calculator is an excellent tool for FMs who are interested in improving their energy performance. In fact, IREP’s Energy Calculator was created with one goal in mind – to help FMs obtain accurate knowledge of their energy consumption and, therefore, find out the potential energy savings that they can have. No matter your results, our team of professionals will reach out to you to provide a free validation and discuss your options.

Do you have concerns about your energy spend? Get started with our free calculator today.

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