IREP rebrands as it gets ready for massive global expansion

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IREP rebrands as it gets ready for massive global expansion

Headquartered in Dubai, International Real Estate Partners (IREP) was formed in 2013 by Kenneth McCrae and Kamran Abbas. Since its conception, IREP has punched above its weight, growing rapidly in key regions and with Fortune 500 brands such as Nokia, Panasonic, Tesla and others. In the last eight years, the company has grown from 10 to 49 entities. Our five key pillars of business are property, energy, assets, sustainability and return on investment. We work within facilities management, real estate, asset and energy, vertical farming and commercial and residential lighting. Therefore, the time came for IREP to reflect and refresh its brand to fit the success it has achieved.

With unprecedented growth comes the need to focus on brand communications and effective systems to help manage further expansion. This year, IREP invested in more enhanced sales and marketing capabilities to drive effective communication and engagement externally and internally with a growing global client base as well as an international workforce.

The company’s rebrand is the first step in the re-unveiling of IREP. We have been quietly succeeding but it’s important that we share our brand, vision, and successes with the world.

What Happens Next for IREP?

The new global marketing communications team will support sales, business development and manage our corporate brand. We have other exciting opportunities in the pipeline such as new ventures in Eastern Europe, and North and South America.

Moreover, the recently formed technology division gives us additional capabilities that allow us to launch more services in IoT, energy management and metering, data analysis and business intelligence.

Combined with our new divisions and business ventures, IREP is strengthening its strategic position and setting ambitious goals for global growth. The company will focus on market penetration, consolidation of our services and financial profitability over the next 12 months.

IREP continues to push the boundaries for what’s possible in energy and facilities management. The company is bound for new markets, and it drives exciting collaborations such as the recent partnership with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates across the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan.  In addition, a new joint venture with Serbian based West Properties to further business growth in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The future is indeed bright for IREP and we are actively hiring talented people in every region.

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