Kamran Abbas

Chief Financial Officer

IREP is multi-disciplinary, boutique, technical, and professional. We understand the needs of our clients in detail and customise our services for them. We’re also action biased: we get things done.

Kamran Abbas is the Chief Financial Officer, co-founder, and partner of IREP Group.

Starting the business alongside Kenneth McCrae in 2013, the duo have built the company into a global FM powerhouse. Kamran’s role within this growth can be summed up in two words: numbers and implementation.

Kamran is a professional that is very much everywhere, all of the time. Every single financial transaction goes past his desk. Furthermore, Kamran is key in guaranteeing the integrity of IREP’s financial systems, and ensuring that liquidity requirements are met. Both within and between IREP’s areas of operation.

As for the second of his responsibilities, ‘implementation’, Kamran is responsible for the execution of company strategy. A very hands on partner that likes to be involved in projects alongside the members of the IREP team. In short, Kamran thrives on getting things done.

Before IREP, Kamran started out with an London-based education to become a Chartered Accountant. He received his accountancy training at the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London, before moving to Cluttons GFM where he met Kenneth McCrae.

Outside of his very busy schedule, Kamran loves to consume the latest updates on the topics of health, business, and technology. A keen student of current affairs, Kamran is never out of the loop.


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