Kasthuri Manivannan

Global Head of Human Resources

From entry to exit, we create the optimal environment for our employees to excel. A high level of trust, without micro-management, encourages our people to take initiative.

Kasthuri Manivannan is IREP’s Global Head of Human Resources.

A role that is as vast as the company itself, Kasthuri enjoys a varied and challenging professional life. Each expansion into each new country, represents a different legal and cultural understanding for her HR team.

In short, her role is to take care of all staff from entry to exit. From recruitment, to payroll and benefits, it all goes past Kasthuri’s desk.

She is very much at the forefront of company culture, too. Alongside other key players, she has helped to create a trusting environment that is free from micro-management and encouraging of initiative.

She has been in HR for over a decade now, and doing so within Facilities Management contexts. Prior to that, Kasthuri had also a plethora of experience managing: customer service, business operations, vendor management, customer care, as well as recruitment. A seasoned and varied professional, she is a valued asset here at IREP.

In her time outside of the office, Kasthuri loves to cook experimentally, often trying new dishes. She also loves to listen to music and travel. As for preferred foods, Kasthuri loves chocolate and anything spicy.

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