Paul Woodlock

Operations Manager for India, APAC, and MEA.

We work as a partner, not a supplier. An absence of bureaucracy allows us to solve issues faster, and service any custom requests that a client may have.

Paul Woodlock an Operations Manager in the regions of India, APAC, and MEA.

Such a role requires exceptional leadership capabilities, and to be able to display these in different contexts all across the globe. With over 1000 people that he is responsible for, and all service lines from pest control to office supplies, there is much to do. He is responsible for making IREP feel like a partner, and not a supplier, for our clients.

Paul is also a facilities management expert in his own right, often at the heart of the projects for which he is responsible.

He has been instrumental in creating an agile and bureaucracy-free business structure. This allows the quicker resolution of problems, and the better facilitating of custom requests.

Furthermore, Paul is a key figure in the building and sustaining of relationships in the markets he covers. This necessitates key interpersonal and commercial acumen, in order to keep a continuity of business.

Paul joined IREP in May of 2018. However, he had previously worked with Kenneth McCrae (the CEO of IREP) for over a decade, creating a strong partnership between the two.

In his spare time, and to keep himself sharp, Paul loves to grapple with the card-game ‘Bridge’. A complex game of strategy, he enjoys pitting his wits against those of others. Also critical to his unwinding, Paul loves to spend quality time with his family.

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