Scott Newland

Head of KSA Region

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a crucial region for IREP. Home to both governmental giga-projects and international companies’ headquarters, IREP will be a key provider in the region.

Scott Newland is the Head of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) region for IREP.

His role is to facilitate business within this exciting country, sourcing opportunities and partnerships alike. Not only is Scott the Head of the KSA region, but he is a Facilities Management Consultant in his own right, often behind the projects that he enables.

Despite only joining IREP somewhat recently, in October of 2020, Scott’s collaboration with the business is long-standing. For over a decade, Scott has worked with IREP to deliver FM or FM Consultancy projects, with the flagship being the provision of 4000 public schools across the Kingdom of Jordan in 2018/19 [Podemos poner enlaces a ‘blogs’ cuando los tengamos].

Scott began his professional career as a chef, before subsequently moving into the demanding sector that is hotel management. With responsibilities spanning from cleaning to maintenance and food security, this really was an initiation into the whole gamut of FM service lines. From this baptism, Scott has been in FM ever since, racking up over 3 decades of top-tier experience.

In his spare time, Scott loves to cook, socialise, and exercise. Often combining the first two, Scott enjoys hosting his friends and family. His signature dish? French onion soup. The first meal he prepared with his Grandmother, aged 8.

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