Steve Walker

Head of Operations for the Americas

Real estate & asset cost-pressure is universal across sectors, and we drive those down. Using a data-driven approach, we save you money now, as well as 3 to 5 years in the future.

Steve Walker is the Head of Operations for the Americas.

Adept at getting the best out of people and making projected efficiencies a reality, Steve is fundamental to the Pan-American IREP operation. A facilities manager by trade, his key strengths are leadership and implementation; two skills that he has finely tuned during his 3 decades in the field.

Professionally, Steve got his start in 1990, working with a national convenience store company. Matched with a Civil Engineering position in Dallas, Texas, he thrived in his role in the management of large-scale assets.

From here, Steve was headhunted by Shell in 2005 for a role within their real estate management department. After only five years, and with commendation from his peers, he advanced to be their Head of Facilities Management for the Americas. This afforded him massive operational scope, with a whole host of operational responsibilities.

This high level of responsibility continues. In October of 2020, after being recommended to IREP, Steve took up the position he currently holds. He joined for two reasons: (1) strong belief in IREP’s point of difference; and (2) a deep enjoyment of the work that he does.

In his time away from work, he enjoys cycling, spending time with his family, and swimming. Also, he loves to travel to new places and cultures, doing his best to get off the ‘tourist-beaten’ track. His favourite activity whilst travelling is scuba diving. In his own words: he “hasn’t nearly done enough”.

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