Suresh Kumar

Global Head of Energy Management

IREP is a company that delivers the entire lifecycle of energy management. We identify problems, implement solutions, and sustain your savings.

Suresh Kumar is our Global Head of Energy Management.

Based out of India, Suresh is responsible for delivering Energy Management solutions to all of our clients across the world.

Naturally, a global operation is a complex one. Suresh is an expert in the creation and management of efficient teams, built to maximise the success of each client. Each region that he oversees has a dedicated team of its own, able to adapt to any regulatory, geographical or cultural idiosyncrasies.

Suresh also has a firm grasp on the technical aspects of the sector. A graduate from JNDU with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering in 2005, he then held several technical roles for the next 14 years, before transitioning into management. This experience has proven crucial to his effective management style.

Joining IREP in June of 2019, Suresh was made a Director of Energy and Technical Management before being promoted to his current position.

During free time, Suresh is a keen traveller like many of his IREP colleagues. One of the principal reasons for his travelling is his love of photography. Most particularly, he loves to snapshot wildlife. His favourite photo that he has snapped is of a majestic Bengal Tiger, finally captured after 48 separate excursions!

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