Syed Muhammad Nouman


“We lead from the front in developing the processes that will drive profits for your business.”

Syed Muhammad Nouman, a seasoned Finance and Operations Strategist, leads the financial arm of International Real Estate Partners (IREP) with a commitment to driving profitability and operational excellence.

In his role as Senior Manager of Finance, Syed has been instrumental in establishing and leading the Back Office & Shared Service Center for IREP in Pakistan. Under his guidance, the center has seamlessly integrated accounting, finance, tax, and compliance services into IREP’s global operations, ensuring streamlined financial processes and regulatory compliance.

Syed is a Pakistan-based Associate Chartered Accountant and Quality Person Responsible for Training (QRPT) at Institute of Chartered Accountant at England and Wales (ICAEW). He has a background in Assurance Services as well as Global Risk Management Services and experience of working in the hospitality, manufacturing, banking and oil & gas sectors where he handled financial, tax, compliance and operational matters for large multinational organizations.

As IREP continues to expand its footprint, Syed shoulders the responsibility of providing robust corporate and legal infrastructure while delivering on commercial commitments to clients. His keen understanding of financial dynamics and dedication to excellence contribute to IREP’s reputation as a trusted partner in the real estate industry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Syed is an avid climber and music enthusiast. He finds solace in the mountains and stays abreast of developments in business, international politics, economics, and science through his voracious reading habits.


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