Xavier Pumarejo

Head of Americas & Head of Brokerage

The Americas are a massive expansion target for IREP. With technology that is years ahead of our competition, we are the future of FM from Argentina to Canada.

Since joining the company in February of 2020, Xavier Pumarejo’s responsibilities have been dual-faceted: heading up both the Americas region and the brokerage service line.

As for the former, throughout the entirety of South, Central, and North America, Xavier’s role is to develop IREP’s presence: to set up more of our entities and to grow the customer base. Both Xavier & IREP Americas will be headquartered from California, USA.

In terms of the latter, the task is of a similar ilk: increase the global presence for our brokerage offering. With IREP looking to add 30 new locations to our global coverage in the next 5 years, Xavier will be at the helm of considerable growth.

Xavier’s professional background is perfectly suited to his role, and has afforded him a wealth of experience. Starting in the brokerage world in 2001, he has specialised in the realm of real estate for the last 15 years, quickly reaching Managing Director level. Furthermore, he also has an entrepreneurial streak, deciding to start his own brokerage firm in Mexico, in 2009.

He ran this firm with considerable success for over a decade, before meeting Kenneth on a business trip in Washington. That meeting instigated the current partnership between Xavier and IREP that commenced in 2020.

With all of this experience being earned in the Americas region, it situates him perfectly for IREP Americas’ expansion strategy.

In his time away from his professional commitments, Xavier enjoys spending time and holidaying with his family. He also is a keen advocate of exercise, and has practiced Krav Maga for the past 5 years.

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