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IREP: A Story of Success
IREP rebrands as it gets ready for massive global expansion

The next leaders in FM will be those that best use data. From capture and cleansing to validation and reconciliation, getting each step right is crucial for efficiency.

This is where IREPort comes to the fore.

Together, John Weber and Kenneth McCrae have developed the market’s best business intelligence platform. IREPort centralises all asset information from all systems. It gathers information on foodstuff costs, groundskeeping costs, water flows, energy expenditure, office supply costs, and repair costs — to name but a few — and puts them all in one place.

Scything business costs by up to a quarter, its benefit is immediate.

Through this digital tool, one can ascertain a deep level of knowledge about every corner of your asset portfolio. Whether you need an overview of your facilities, or precise granular detail on a specific part, IREPort has both capabilities. Furthermore, machine learning & artificial intelligence make it possible for the software to learn and carry out predictive maintenance.

Another benefit is immediacy. Time is crucial when mitigating a problem, and the longer the time between recognition and resolution, the worse the situation. Through IREPort, any problems are noticed instantly, thus starting the resolution process right away.

Not only is data critical to business savings, but to transparency, too. IREPort is built to be accessible by all stakeholders, and there is also the option of full training, so that: risk, costs, and legal & statutory requirements, are all totally transparent. No hidden surprises.

Having spent years being a brainchild in the minds of John Weber and Kenneth McCrae, we are proud to be continually implementing this technology into our clients’ assets and facilities. Years ahead of the rest of the market, we are setting the pace of progress.

To read more about the services that are enhanced by IREPort, click here.

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