What do we do?

We collect and analyse your facility data, helping you achieve TRANSPARENCYVISIBILITY and CONTROL.

By handling all data collection, we help you better manage your operations and reduce costs.

How do we do it?

Our R&D Facility

Based in our European HQ in Girona, Spain, IREP’s R&D facility hosts a team of back- and front-end developers & data analysts that are working around the clock to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Head of Technology, Christian Feldermann, is pivotal to both the creation and implementation of our suite of software. Christian and his team are on hand to craft your bespoke offering.

Technology is the future, and that is why IREP is heavily investing in R&D. We strive to constantly advance and stay ahead of the competition by offering our own proprietary solutions.

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Our Own Proprietary Software

We don’t use 3rd party solutions. IREPort, our own market-leading business intelligence platform offers our clients data transparency and visibility, all centralised and controlled in one place.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) 

Accessible remotely, our smart sensors and virtual meters deliver a constant stream of hyper-accurate information that is critical to maximising your uptime and pre-empting possible problems.

The Benefits





The Specifics

Mobilization process (months) ->
6 = 3 (data collation) + 3 (data consolidation)

The mobilization cost is built into the management fee which is paid for from our Cost Savings Guarantee.

Avoid risks: IREP offers you a small Proof of Concept project at zero or very low cost.

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